• Accounting house "Nikol Consult" Ltd. offers a variety of ready-made software and software services to its clients.

    The software that we offer covers a wide range of software titles.

Here's a rundown of some of them:

  •  Integrated information management system for business "MDOCS" was developed in 1998 and is constantly evolving to meet the changing requirements of the national legislation, customers, and also to adapt to the constantly emerging new software technologies. The system has a variety of modules which cover almost all the activities of a small to medium company;

Software services we offer are:

  •  Consulting in the field of information technology;
  •  Construction and maintenance of corporate network;
  •  Software installation and solving software problems;
  •  Building a strategy for data protection;
  •  Development of a websites
  •  Development of custom software or reworking of some of our software products according to customer requirements;

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