Accounting Services

  • By signing a contract for accounting services you will reduce your costs, you will save a lot of precious time and target your energy to the management of your company. We will provide you with the latest information and comprehensive view of the economic side of your business. Trust our professionalism and innovative approach.
  • Complete accounting, tax and payroll services

Operational Accounting

  •  Operational progress and closing of accounts;
  •  Preparation and submission of the tax office returns and VAT data on magnetic/optic media or via internet
  •  Accrual and preparation of all necessary payment documents for payment to the budget;
  •  Prepare contracts, payrolls, certificates, calculation of sick leave, holidays, etc.;Accrual and preparation of all necessary payment documents for payment to the budget;
  •  Reporting on the insured persons in the personal register of NSSI;
  •  Registration of contracts and completion of insurance and employment records;
  •  Control and monitoring of cash flows;
  •  Control and monitoring of the financial and banking transactions;
  •  Amortization schedule;
  •  Maintenance of the register of the assets;

Annual Closure

  •  Preparation and presentation of annual financial statements;
  •  Preparation of annual tax returns on income of individuals and Taxation;
  •  Preparation and submission of annual statistical forms for the National Institute of Statistics;
  •  Verification and validation of annual financial statements by a certified public accountant;

Tax Protection

  •  Preparation, presentation and defense of tax returns, annual financial report and other information in tax administration;
  •  Carry out the necessary checks with the tax administration authorities concerning checks - general, thematic and cross;
  •  Representation of the company to the tax administration authorities and NSSI for all kinds of any further questions and issues;

HR and Payroll

  •  Preparation and administration of labor register with employment records of all employees;
  •  Preparation of complete set of documents for entering and leaving the work;
  •  Sending declarations to the NRA;
  •  Preparation of monthly payroll and pay slips;
  •  Monitor the entire process of administration of salaries;
  •  Preparation of payment orders for security contributions;
  •  Administration of leave and sick lists;
  •  Representation during inspections by the Labour Inspectorate;
  •  Preparing documents for retirement;

Other Services

  •  VAT registrations;
  •  Representation and defense before the tax administration authorities, NSSI and NHIF;
  •  Data processing with accounting software that allows custom reports in Excel format with the ability to exchange information electronically;
  •  Ongoing consultation on amendments to the legal and regulatory framework;
  •  Tax Protection;
  •  Intermediate Financial Statements;
  •  Internal audit;
  •  Registration of Companies;
  •  Organization of the accounting department in the company of the client;

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